Sensunique Synergy Collection, CannaBlanca

What would happen if a rich, terpene-based cannabis essence were added to high-quality wine? This question was the starting point for producing our beautiful wine: the Sensunique Synergy Collection, CannaBlanca.
We opted for this combination because out of all agricultural crops on earth, cannabis shares the most properties with (wine) grapes. The recognizable and bedazzling aroma of our CannaBlanca features fresh citrus and pine (limonene and pinene terpenes). The yellow fruit and flowery abundance (linalool) that follow are concluded with a wonderfully long finish of fresh earth, nuts and Oriental spices (camphene). The supple, refreshing taste of our CannaBlanca combines well with rich meat or fish dishes.

CannaBlanca is based on Pinot Blanc and enriched with natural Girl Scout Cookie terpenes that blend synergistically with our hand-selected Pinot Blanc grapes from Nahe (Germany).

In the RTL Z item below, we explain why we produced this wine. We gained the knowledge and inspiration for this special bottle at our tastings with VDP Weingut Kreuzberg (Ahr), Weingut Schmidt (Nahe) and the Trichome Institute in Oregon (USA).

As Francis Ford Coppola said:

“Wine and cannabis are two ancient and bounteous gifts of Mother Nature, linked by great care, terroir, and temperateness.”

Our innovative CannaBlanca wine dovetails seamlessly with the current (international) market movement that sees a growing interest in infused wines. The product even won the Spannabis Best Product Award last year.

Sensunique teams up with leading German wine producers and bottlers in guaranteeing the quality of both the wine and the production process. Together with these connoisseurs, Sensunique refined the unique and well-balanced composition of the CannaBlanca to the beautiful product we are now proud to present to you.

Our wine is online available at

EUR 19.90 incl VAT per bottle. Shipping: EUR 8.00 per box.

Cuvee Noir

The German version of ‘Rioja’. A blend of Regent, Dornfelder and Portugieser. An intense color and vigorous taste while still elegant. A high-level wine that everyone will love. 12.5 % Vol.



100 % Pinot Noir from a slated vineyard. Spontaneous fermentation. An aroma of ripe cherries and raspberries. Lots of finesse and noble tannins. Full justice is done to fruit and terroir expressions.

Wood ripening in used oak barrels. The long aftertaste climaxes with clear mineral tones. 13 % Vol.

Pinot Noir Sekt


100 % Pinot Noir. Blanc de Noir. Complex, fruity and dry. Hints of toast and a silky mousse. 12.5 % Vol.

Casa Blanca


Blanc de Noir from (once illegally planted) Cabernet Sauvignon. A curiosity with Kreuzberg's signature. Complex, vigorous and extremely playful. Ripened for 19 months in new French barriques. A wine you will love to share with your best friends. 12 % Vol.

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