Pinot Noir and Skunk? Riesling and Silver Haze?

Discover and experience the striking similarities between wine and cannabis.

Cannabis is experiencing a turbulent evolutionary phase. More and more industries are discovering the value and options that the world's oldest crop has to offer. This includes the wine industry.

For both wine and cannabis, taste and quality are extremely important. We combine these two agricultural products by experiencing and sharing beautiful combinations. When you think of the numerous similarities, just imagine all of those beautiful things still waiting to be discovered.

A good match makes for a grander experience than any of the individual ingredients would ever be able to achieve. California is already enjoying the experience. Now it's time for us to join them.


"Wine and cannabis are two ancient and bounteous gifts of Mother Nature, linked by great care, terroir and temperateness."  - Francis Ford Coppola


We host small, private events that are completely smoke-free.
Experience the very best combinations in a pleasant ambiance. For our cannabis, we use the latest DaVinci vaporizers that allow optimum release of the aromas and make for a pure tasting experience. The refined dosage ensures clarity and focus. And as an added bonus, this consumption method is healthier than smoking.



Some want to go beyond small scale. We understand. We organize tailored events upon request. Please use the below contact form to request a quotation without any commitment or for any questions you may have. We aim to reply to any requests within 24 hours.


What would happen if a rich, terpene-based cannabis essence were added to high-quality wine? This question was the starting point for producing our beautiful wine: the Sensunique Synergy Collection, CannaBlanca.
We opted for this combination because out of all agricultural crops on earth, cannabis shares the most properties with (wine) grapes. The recognizable and bedazzling aroma of our CannaBlanca features fresh citrus and pine (limonene and pinene terpenes). The yellow fruit and flowery abundance (linalool) that follow are concluded with a wonderfully long finish of fresh earth, nuts and Oriental spices (camphene). The supple, refreshing taste of our CannaBlanca combines well with rich meat or fish dishes.


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