After over 80 years of prosecution, stigmatization and anti-propaganda, times have now changed. Cannabis consumers can finally 'out' themselves. This becomes obvious from tax payments as well. In the US, they are already referring to a 'green rush'...

It will be only a matter of time before certain cannabis strains, cultivators and brands will start to distinguish themselves in a similar way to the wine industry. Origin is, or will become, important to both.

Wine regions are divided into so-called appellations, which are geographical indications. Each appellation has its own standards with regard to pricing and quality.


Ahr wines, for example, are priced higher than Pfalz wines, and of a different structure. Geographical location (in wine jargon: terroir) is also an important factor for cannabis, due to altitude, soil and climate.

California's cannabis industry is introducing appellations for this particular reason. That way, consumers will always be able to recognize their product based on origin, quality and production method.

Terpenes (fragrances) that wine and cannabis have in common:

Limonene: Citrus

Alpha-pinene: Pine and rosemary

Myrcene: Tropical fruits

Linalool: Flowers

Caryophyllene: Pepper and cloves

When you combine wine and cannabis with similar aroma profiles, the cannabis will enhance the wine and vice versa.

If you combine opposite profiles, wine and cannabis will complement each other. We consciously work with beautiful products in order to always bring out the best in the finest.

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